Best fishing rods to swing and spinning

In my own words and experiences no matter what types of fishing you love and enjoy. As long as you know your day brings you  more happiness and enjoyment always.

With so many different types of fishing style and action. How do you know what kind of fishing rod  you want and best for you? What more and amount of action you want in your rod the best?  We never know, no body knows at first.

That might be will find some of the answers and ideas in few of the following lists. Help to find out what the appropriate rod to use in  fishing activities.


Find the nearest stores  in your place or browse in internet the stores or shop that selling all what needed in fishing. Have so many brand of fishing rods to choice. They are there assisting you what you are looking for. I am still continues learning in my own way with the help of what I found through watching some video in internet. They are so awesome to watch to listen how they catch the fish easy as they could. The simple way of doing it just because have a passion on the hobby they love to do.

Few of these people they going fishing just for fun. They caught and release the fish. Oh men, I hate to watch them while releasing the fish. While not to keep it and bring home to cook and eat…lol! Some people in this Country they don’t eat fish. They don’t know how to clean. Oh, yes they know how to fillet throw the most delicious parts of the fish. They don’t want to eat bony fish. So, they choice the best one the Walleye. Oh yeah, Walleye that my family and I caught a lot last summer vacation of ours. Too far to travel and very expensive to do so.

But telling the truth the joyfulness, experiences and bonding can’t be buy. And the experience most of the time not happen again. The timing, the finance and others reason why.


I found few fishing rod that used by my family that really cool and easy to them to handle. This kind of branded rod worth enough and last too long to use. And it is good to have so many variety and brand of fishing rod to collect and own. I would say at least you have few for comparison what is really best fishing rod for you in your fishing activities. This advise of mine is based on what my experience in fishing.

To be honest, I broke few fishing rods lately. Not because I don’t know how to use. Just because I  swing this in a wrong place. Where a lot of snug and I would say not at best brand. Well, it’s depend on what types of fishing activity and place we will heading.

In our place we are surrounded of too many lakes and rivers. We are close in a State that composed of 10,000 lakes. That few of the biggest lakes we had been last summer vacation of ours. A very expensive trip that I would say worthwhile. Only people that has enough money can afford this kind of trip. I don’t have that much money. But my husband dreamed those trip and plan ahead.

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