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You don’t need to lie when you know who you are

Hello everyone, Heartily welcoming you in my niche website. We will talk about somethings than are really matters. Something than useful and passionate to do in our day to day lives. My real name is Nila Ostrander on short call me ” Nil” graduated a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. Had been in Electronics Industry for three decades. Supervising and Managing people my top roles.

My passion and devotion in my job the strong aspect to stay on the loop. A stressful work assignment than sometimes needs to take a deep breath. I am a very passionate person, a loving person and down to earth. That, if you cry, I will cry, if you laugh, I will laugh too, if you are sad I will be sad too. I don’t want people get mad of me. If you commit mistake, I will not wait you to say sorry… I will.

A passionate dreamer, but a plunk

I had always has an interest in writing something about what my interest in my outside world. I love to travel, I love to go fishing, cooking and eat delicious foods. Adventures also my thing and gardening in summer. Help people without asking any return is not a big deal.

God knows and I trust him to taking care of all at my back. I love all kind of sport. I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball in since colleges life. I like to experiment through trials and errors approach and always ready to any challenges. I love to dance and do some indoor and outdoor exercises. Do some of a voluntary services in my spare time. And the last one than I love at most surfing in Net, love to join in a group discussion, survey and marketer.

My life yesterday, today and tomorrow

I grown-up in a rural, in a farm, than no electricity, no phone, no foods sometimes to eat. I’m the eldest daughter to my parent. My youth life more on working in my parent farm and school. I learned how to earned money at the ages of 10. Buying empty bag of cements made as a bag of rice in different sizes.and sell this to the rice dealers in the market.

The time goes by also accompanied my late dad to sell our products to the market and in returns we buy some products than our neighborhood in our small community needs. The mere fact than I was in my colleges life I worked as a student assistant in Electrical Laboratory performing all experiment in every courses than has an Electrical Laboratory subject.

I earned my Degree through hard work. On the last year of my studies I worked also in one of the biggest hospital dinning restaurant as a budget or, planner of how many menus and what the menus in a day to day operation to served. I was also the one to buy all stuff in the wet market. Every early the morning I drop off all what I needed for the next morning Menu. The easiest and quicker moved I would need to do. In order than when the time 7 am I would be in School to attend my classes and as a working student.

After graduation, left away from home and exploring an opportunity in a big City. I found and start connected in one of the biggest company in Semiconductor and Electronics company as a Quality Assurance and Quality Reliability Engineer. That time, I start put up my small business sell and buy. I built a good credit line in selling apparel.

Not contented on what I earned locally, I dreamed to expand an opportunity to work abroad in the same field. I was connected in one of multi company in the land of Taiwanese. From there I and two of my co-workers put-up again a buy and sell business in jewelry. The business getting bigger than one day were collapse when China trying take the power over Taiwan. I own my dreamed house not than big but I can say it is a home. I sent four of my brothers and sisters to colleges than time. That not all of them finished there course of choice.

Back home to settle down, I worked again in the field of Semiconductors and Electronics Industries That I would say was give up truly one of the set-up team of one of the sister company she worked in the land of Taiwanese. Supervising of people in Production Line. That later on was give up truly give it up when the big storms arrived in her life. At the time than her two young men ages 1 year old and three years old. The life than was give up truly ” Nila ” build slash like a dust in the wind.

Today lives of mine much better than yesterday, the big storms is gone and whatsoever the big storms tomorrow comes. I will see to it than I will survive.



The time is now…

I want to be part of was give up life, my life, my community. I want to be transparent to the best than I can. Sharing my adventures, my works, my hobbies and my world. We will start talking soon about all of what the aspect doesn’t matter what it is. As long as you communicate with me, you enjoy and love what I try to share.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to left them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best regards,




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    4 Thoughts to “About me”

    1. Very nice looking website.

      Was disappointed when at the bottom of you about me page all the links (adventure, cooking, …etc)just return to the about me post.

      Great the way you have links for just about everything for kayak fishing except the fish…lol. Does appear that there are duplicate links (same items twice)

      1. Thank you for noticing that part. Right now I really don’t know how to fix it. It seems like I click something not right. Makes me confuse while following what the training. Added to it I was fall asleep while reading and listening to the video. That might possible I really click an area that not need to be. There is a time that I am so frustrate to check my site. I were thinking to give-up this and try to build a new one. But, I cant think right so far.

    2. Hi Nila,

      I’m not a “fishing” person, but it looks like your site will catch some interest for those who do fish. In the training, I believe they suggested not having links to products right on the Home Page. I’m building my site with Posts (brief articles) that are related to my products and there are links in them to either the product or to a product review which will have a link.

      The only other thing I noticed is that perhaps an attention-grabbing, fishing-related graphic at the top of your Home Page might be helpful. Anyway, best wishes for much success!

      – Suzanne

      1. Hello Suzzanne,

        The time that I starting building this I was focus on what really my passion, my hobby without knowing that this kind of website here is seasonal. By the way, thank you for what you have been noticed. Yes, you are right needs a fishing related graphic. I try to make it by my own but I don’t have a photo shop in my old computer. My brand new computer that has most of everything in there.I can’t use it anymore. If I will download some software. I am worried that this computer will crush too. I am start looking some graphic but not worth to buy it. This website not function right. Too many users that I am sick of deleting them. Yesterday, a total of 27 users in here.

        Anyway, thank you again,good luck and more success along your way.

        Nila (-)

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