Love Fishing is Healthy

Just come up in my mind to share some ideas that I do believe you will like it. Why I said that fishing is healthy? “As” I know base on my fishing activities. I can do some of my exercises habit at the same time while fishing. The place that I go fishing has a fishing dock that I am free to do stretching my legs, swing my body, jump and bending my knee. Very relaxing ways that in one way I can do both my hobby. Spring time not coming yet and how much more this coming summer. Just telling this because I never experience yet the ice fishing,

Fishing is just like any other hobby that sometimes we hate /or we like it. But we continue to doing this anyway. Here are some reasons why fishing is healthy


Your mental rest and your physical wellness move very affordable. A lot of people thinking that fishing like just sitting in a boat, bank of the river and/or lake with their fishing chair while watching the bobbin to go under. Not knowing that much more than that. In reality, there are so many challenges in fishing when it comes to the physical and mental behavior. If you are looking for being distress, stay healthy. And being always want outside. I would tell you might be fishing is good for you.

Makes your day busy

Times flies that were bored on doing nothing. It seems like you want a change what the routine in your daily life, daily world. In your work you’re always in front of your computer responding a bunch of email, reading and making some spread sheet and others things that you are in. Yes, you are so busy that your mind stuck and occupied of all pros and con in your job. We need to do something that we enjoy and happy to do. Leave work for a while and make our time busy in what we love to do in our outside world.

You are in the moment of preparing of all your gadgets and other things. It is come up in your mind what the challenges await when you drop your line in the water. You might be over think of catching a lot of good fish. You will over think that in any location you drop the line fish awaits to bait. The same as when we own a business what ever the business we ran we think also the same way that when we start our day running the business the challenges.

The only things that we need to do just focus on what we are doing. To think, that comes from time to time are a test of our willingness to stretch. Things you can do if you will ignore what in front of you. Fish, have a lot of trick that we never known but it is occurs.

Sitting on the bank that nothing to worry

Yes, it is true we have nothing to worry our mind set to catch fish where ever we want to sit down and relax. But, we need to make sure that we choice the right spot. Firstly, we need to scout where the fist at. We/ you need to know if they are biting and ideally nobody in the location you are eyeing except you. As a result you built up your skills, what to look out for. Some fishermen they don’t noticed.

Boost your immune System

I say fishing also boost our immune system. One of the outdoors hobby that we are expose to sun. Vitamin D is one of the vitamin helps us to be away in any disease. The two minerals help to regulate the absorption of phosphorous and calcium to our body. In a study, sun exposure improves brain function and eases mild depression. And another things I learn, sun exposure also help us to improved our sleep habit.

Enjoy fishing as a great outdoor

A lot of great out doors activities we will love to do and enjoy. And what I said fishing is one of these. I try to allot some of my spare time in this kind of hobby. They say…it is a man hobby. This hobby, one of a kind for all gender. Kids, young adults, men, women, retired people. It makes you happy, you will love to breathe a good fresh air and taking part of the out door adventures.

Getting out of what in the indoor activities sometimes.

Traveling from a distance

Nice to know and plan ahead of time the chances of traveling. So many people plan their fishing activities ahead of time. They do their research where the best place in this planet to go fishing. Of course, it’s depend on how much time and budget you are allotted in your fishing trip. As what I mention in my first blog that, last summer we gone fishing far from a distance. That, a kind of experience inculcate in my heart and in my mind the beauty of nature. How do I wish to experience again. The same things, place, time and date. Oh, well not gonna happen anymore. Not easy to do it again, not the same as what before. But, still always open to an opportunity of traveling.

The Thrill of catching fish

The feeling of knowing you catch the first fish you are dreaming for. The thrill of excitement at long last you catch the well-known and very expensive in the market kind of walleye Would you think you can do it ? Oh, yes for me why not if the opportunity of knowing. The chances to go fishing in the place that have this kind of fish. Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike and Perch.

Just go out on a reel of the adventure and the thrill of fishing. Each time got a chance to travel to any rivers, lakes and pond that near close to you. Hiking of fish everywhere is really fun. Despite not catching them sometimes. The thrill always in your heart.

Self Fulfillment

Why I consider fishing also a self-fulfilment. Just because I know…. The saying of do what the things you love to do and work for it. Listen to your heart and push yourself to love what you are doing. Your deepest desires and capacities to learn how to catch fish. The day passing by that you never know you got it.

The chance to improve your self-esteem to respect the environment and mastering your fishing hobby. It is also increasing your personal goals. The feeling of satisfaction that you achieved in your fishing hobby. You can tell your story to your family and friends where you are in your fishing activities. How many you catch in a day to day activities of yours and support.

Fishing is a Stress Reliever

Based on my knowledge fishing is one of a stress reliever. Show simply being near to water can naturally help lower an anxiety. And will lead to a healthier and more relaxed life style. It is a good thought of good exercise, that both the body and mind works together. That for in case you are really stressed in your work and family. Go out, grab your fishing pole and go fishing. Adventure the beauty of natural World. Stay away from your computer screen.

A study show from one of the hospital in Scotland. That, fishing is a stress reliever to the people with a a mental illness. Sound very interesting for me to know that this kind of hobby can help to the few with a mental illness.

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    8 Thoughts to “Love Fishing is Healthy”

    1. lynnsamuelson

      Hey Nil,

      I live in New York now but loved to go fishing while growing up in California. I have such great memories of family time spent fishing off the coast of Santa Barbara and on family vacations in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. River fishing sounds a little different but has more in common with se fishing than not I’d guess. There’s something almost spiritual about being out on the water and letting your mind wander while waiting for one (hopefully a BIG ONE to bite). I also love eating fish and there is no fish that tastes better for dinner than one caught a few hours earlier.

      Where is your favorite place to fish? 

      1. Nila Ostrander

        Happy to hear from you, Lynn that you love to go fishing and eat fish too. At most I go fishing in a Lake. Sometimes in a river too. But it takes 45 minutes to drive the place where good fish school. I don’t like to go fishing in a nearby river where water is polluted. Every fish I caught I try to kept it. 🙂 Not including Carp. 🙂 

    2. Dale

      A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.  I love fishing and it is likely the best thing in the world in my opinion.  You are right, it is a great stress reliever.  I love fishing because I never take my cell phone and all my worries go away.Thank you for taking the time to gather all this information and share it with all your readers.  If you havent taken up fishing by now then you should.Dale

      1. admin

        Thank you Dale in your time to visit my Website. I am still working on this one. And yes, very much stress reliever. Right now, since still winter in here that actually pouring of snow outside as of this time. Not going fishing yet. Just another month or so of waiting then Spring fast approaching. That, I swear good to catch some good fish nearby lake. 

    3. Nathaniel

      Your article on the benefits of fishing is well written. I absolutely love fishing myself and I always go with a friend, doing it alone it’s not bad but doing it will someone it’s the best cause there is a little competition in there, and also when ever you catch a fish even the smallest possible one, you get a good feeling of accomplishment. 

      1. admin

        Thank you for a great comment. I try my best to put in writing most of my hobby. Yes, you are right. the feeling of accomplishment catching them. And the things is I love to eat fish. lol! Especially the fish head. 🙂

    4. Todd Matthews

      Fishing is definitely a relaxing sport. I think just being around nature in general is a stress reliever, but to put a little fun in it while enjoying nature’s beauty while listening to the calm waters provides a sense of space in the mind, a way for us to forget life for a while. Nothing is more relaxing and I’ve always found fishing gives the mind a break and a chance to slowly mull thoughts over. Something about being lost in nature in general does wonders for the mind and soul, and fishing definitely adds to this. 

      1. Nila Ostrander

        It is true Todd. The feeling of not want to return back to work. lol!

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