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Remembering the first day of fishing with my family. The heyday that I don’t know what I was doing in fishing. I love fish, but I don’t know how to fish those days. My husband favorite baits are Canadian worm. Charge to my experience those days. I cannot touch them and cut into small pieces. I used knife to cut. My husband hooks worm bait in my fishing pole. Seeing in my husband face the frustration. I try to learn and fight my desperation in cutting Canadian worms. So, in this situation I want to write some ideas that based in my experience as a beginner in fishing.

Fishing tips for beginners -Catch and release

1. As a beginner in fishing used a rod with a pistol like a grip and a reel that is mounted on the top of the rods’s handle. Line is released using a push button on the reel. This is the easier reel and rod for beginners. My two boys they love to used this kind of reel. They’re grown up now and still using this sometime.

2  Or else prefer to use also an open- faced reel. Simple to operate and of course it is  open.  Something  happen in your line it is easy to fix.

3. Hold your rod in a steady position with a little tension. The best way to determine a bite. Observed and if see the pulsation. If so then jerk side way with an angle of 30 degrees up. You will not lost the fish. Based on what I observed.

4.  Practice your cast in an open place.  Never throw  your line in the water  that a lot of snug.

5. Use the right baits. Be aware and learn what    kind of fish you want and like to catch. Like for example crappie, trouts,  Perch, bullhead, sunfish they like Canadian worms. You can tell how they works to get your baits. If this is sucking down means they are bullheads or catfish. Crappie if I remembered they will sneak your bait away going to the left. While sunfish or bluegill they will love to play your baits like playing a dribble basketball up and down or else side by side. That’s few things I noticed while I go fishing by myself.

6. Use the right knot for your line and learn how to tie these. When I was new in my fishing hobby I don’t know how to tie my line. My husband try to demonstrate in front of me while counting how many circle needs to roll back in fort. I learned this in my own way. Just trying to experiment how to catch and lost the fish.

7.  Don’t leave your fishing pole unattended. The big chances to lost the fish or else your fishing pole. If you have something to do. Remove your pole in the water.

8.  Learn to reel in fish properly and accurate     Just relax and let the drag and rod to the work. When the fish  slows down  and stop taking the line off  your reel.

9. Always paying attention and be prepared. Remind yourself for anything you never know what the fish are going to do. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of being a successful fisher person.

My tip don’t be rush just slow down everything you are doing. Paying attention to every little detail that may lead you to fish. And find them where they are…don’t stay in one location.

Importance of knowing what Lure needs to use

Lure is a fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish attention. The lure uses vibration, movement, flash and color of bait fish. Many of lure are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when fish strike the lure.

Much better to know what type of lure we are really needs to use. It’s depend on what kind of fish in the place where to go fishing. In my years and years of experience in fishing. Every time I go fishing I learn a lot. I start collecting good brand of Lures since last year. The one that I love to use are Rapala and Berkley brand. I caught most of the big bass, northern pike, and walleye last summer houseboat trip of ours. Using Berkley flicker Shad I caught my first 24.8 inches Walleye. The two biggest northern pike I caught this year I used a silver milk fish single lure hook.

In fishing you don’t need a lot of variety of lures. Just choice few that you think fit in your fishing activities.

Learn to know the timing of catching fish

Going farther in my own observation fish not biting in every minute of the day. They have a cycle of time and it’s depend on timing. Usually, they start biting early the morning and then later-on they stop. I start studying them last year of summer time in my Mother in law big pond. Not too many species of fish in the pond. But I will tell that crappie. bigmouth bass, sunfish, bluegill too many of them including the two big gold fish. The pond where so virgin, no one go fishing except my family and I. That every time you dropped your line in the water in just a second has a bite and that when the temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Circle of fish not biting

As a newbie in fishing as what I were mention. The innocent and curiosity in my mind always happen. The mere fact that every springtime, summer and falls I go fishing no matter what I spare my extra time. That, in all of my fishing activities of yesterday, today and tomorrow comes. The situation and memoir that always in my mind not gonna happen anymore. The fishing activities that my family and I enjoyed much. Travelling more than 8 hours and stayed more than a week, that in everyday of my life I was in the fish pond. The property already sold out to the new owner.

Eventually,still in my mind those evening seeing a circle of fish around 7:00 pm in the last two weeks of spring time. Hundreds of them that I was seen far from a distance. Rushing my time and rode in the pedal boat with my fishing pole and baits. Pointing my line in the middle where they are making a wide circle. I can’t help my frustration to know they are not biting.

Any comments, suggestion and opinion are free to write. I will answer to the best that I can. And in the way I will accept your suggestion and comments.

Thank you and happy reading…



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    6 Thoughts to “Fishing Lures Tips Beginner”

    1. Been fishing twice in my life and never caught a thing, I may try it again now.

      1. It is fun to go fishing. Just need only to set in our mind to love it.

    2. Heather

      Thank you for this article. My 7-year old son has just started fishing and he loves it!. We have been casting without a hook into the lawn for practice and learning how to carry and handle a fishing rod safely. I have printed out your tips so we can refer to them – they are great and very helpful to somebody very new to the sport.

      1. Hello Heather,

        Thank you for a great comments Heather. I will try my best to post more tips and techniques in here. Actually, tomorrow late the afternoon we are planning to go fishing after my works. Hope to catch more fish to stock in the freezer for this up coming winter season. By the way, that is a brilliant idea to teach your son to handle fishing rod without a hook. Practice makes perfect in casting. I had seen a lot of the same ages of your son in the place that I always go fishing. The happiness and excitement I really felt. They are shouting, yelling loud letting their Dad or Mom knows. I got one! I got one!:)

    3. Hey Nila,

      That’s a good post. You’ve gone into everything a beginner would want to know. I haven’t done any fishing since I was a kid, but I remember my dad telling me the stuff you’ve said here. I absolutely love the picture of you with the two fish. So full of joy and enthusiasm!


      1. Thank you for great comments Dave.

        Best regards,


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