Fishing Bait types-best to catch fish.

Fishing Bait- is any substance used  to catch and attract fish put in the end of the fishing pole. A common fish baits people love to use, the fathead minnows. I observed people used these when I go fishing in my favorite place.  Added to it in traditional  small insect, night crawlers have been use in this purpose too.

In the studies show natural baits are more recognized by the fish and are more rapidly accepted. Furthermore I try to explain the differences of natural baits and the artificial baits.

Natural Baits and their uses :

Natural Baits used maybe alive or dead. Such as worm, leeches, minnows, frogs, salamanders and insects. Natural Baits more effective because of their smell, textures and color. Cheese as what I heard has been known to  be a very successful baits due to the smell of this. How about to try corn with night crawler. I love to use corn easy to catch bass and cheaper to buy.  The fact, based on the studies a lot of natural baits can use in fishing. But logically use the one that easy to find in the store or else in your backyard.

Artificial baits best uses

I would suggest that artificial baits lure is not applicable that much in young kids. These kind of baits more practice needed and be knowledgeable. Lure fishing generally demands better quality of tackle and a higher degree of skill than bait fishing. Very expensive and at least addictive to collects. And they are so beautiful to see in your tackle box. A good fishermen knows what the best lure need to use. But, sometimes although you have a good choice of lures when the timing is not right you will come back home that nothing to catch.

Well the most important things you enjoy your day. Sometimes the darkness of the day fast approaching and you are still in the mood to fish. Your thinking that might be in the next drop of your line fish will bite. A very  beautiful hobby to addicted.

What are really the best lures

Best on my own experiences there is no such things best lures for fishing. It is depend on the timing, the place and season. Most fishermen knows what is the timing. It’s seems like what the right time to plant crop. In my youth life I had been with my sibling and late dad go fishing in a river night time. The night really dark that you can’t see where we are. I remembered my late dad says. This is a good night to go fishing since it is full moon.

The Best time to go fishing 

What on the study of the few. The best fishing time early the morning where you try to catch the sunrise and sunset. Full moon also to consider when tide are higher than average.

  • cloudy day with no wind. In this particular situation you are free to cast your line in any direction. It seems like the thinking fish are everywhere. You can feel they are there ready to bite what you feed to them.
  • after the rain stop also good to go fishing. Based on my own experience yes ,it is true to say since one afternoon I gone fishing that in just an hour I caught more than what I expected.
  • The morning rise and before sundown. I really love to go fishing early the morning where the sun not rise yet. The moment that you by yourself in the place that you go fishing. The fish are so hungry and you can see them on top of the water.
  • during the rise of moon and set of the moon. I will try to tell this to the people that love to go fishing at night. Summer time most of the time come back home dark.
  • some fishermen says in between the full moon and new moon. Means the full moon falls first week of the month and the new moon in the third week of the month.
  • the breeze day from the west or south rather than from the north  and east.

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    1. i would imagine that the real live bait would be better than a artificial one .Hey these fishes are real smart.I have heard that after a rain fall is a good time to go fishing .I enjoyed your article it brought memories of going fishing when I was younger with of my uncles. We had stayed up all night sharing stories and ended up catching a school of catfish .it was alot great bonding experience that I will never forget to this day.

      1. Thank you Erick for dropping by in my website. In my fishing hobby, I remembered one late afternoon that I brought a book with me, setting down in one of the nicest rock. Put my feet in the water while my attention divided to watched my fishing pole at the same time reading a book in title ” A Maze of Cheese ” I will not do it again. Scared me to death to know I lost my fishing pole that day. I cannot reel my pole too heavy. Nobody in the place except me. Charge to experience I minimize going fishing that if ever no people in my surrounding I will not let myself to fish. I learn a lot in all my mistake.

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